Around the United States - Ryan Kost

Bayou Sunset

Sunset on the Bayou. It's been a really interesting few days exploring New Orleans and cajun country. It's a region that surely doesn't lack in character and soul. We visited some of the wealthiest areas in the Garden District to the areas hit hardest by Katrina in Lower 9th Ward. We visited the touristy spots such as Bourbon Street and also found ourselves deep in the swampy rural areas filled with eye opening poverty. We drove along the Mississippi amazed by the number of refineries and chemical planets. We walked the plantations and felt a bit sick of the thought that people used to be 'owned.' We merely scratched the surface as we often do via travel, but we were able to open a new chapter in the book of life of understanding that was left unwritten before. Travel is such a critical tool...especially within our own country...even if it's just in our figurative backyard. If we want to understand ourselves and each other a bit better, we have to put ourselves out there.