Around the United States - Ryan Kost

Blue Door

Rich turquoise deposits are found throughout New Mexico. The natives adorn their pueblos, art and clothing with these brilliant hues. Juxtaposed with the warm earth tones of the desert and clay adobe walls, these complimentary clashes beautifully craft their way into the cultural and physical landscape and overall artistic imagination. It's no wonder they call this The Land Of Enchantment.
Interestingly, it was blue doors that started my venture into photography. My first photo that I took with intention that I really liked, albeit on a cell phone...was of 3 blue doors on a historic street in San Blas barrio in Cusco, Peru. While thousands of miles apart, it's strikingly powerful to see so many commonalities between the two, and it's no wonder I am drawn to these areas nestled in the mountains, deeply rooted in history, vibrancy and a particular genuineness that speaks to me.