Around the United States - Ryan Kost


I have been fortunate to see some beautiful things in my life, but this goes right towards the top. On our drive back home my Dad pulled into a gas station in Wilson, Kansas to fill up. They didn't have diesel, so we were about to move on when I saw 100's of thousands of birds in a field just off to the side. I asked my dad to park for a few minutes. Those few minutes ended up into 20 minutes of pure bliss as we watched the birds create tornadoes in the sky as they danced in incredible unison. They ebb and flow in visually mesmerizing whirlwinds and patterns. Words failed me and continue to as I am typing this. I am in awe. Our earth is full of so many wonders. And people say driving through Kansas is boring. Starlings and red winged blackbirds in murmuration.