Peru and Bolivia - Ryan Kost

Gearing Up

Resting in the early morning frigid temps, "Caballo Blanco" (as this horse is so aptly named ) readies himself for another day on the job in the high Andes carrying massive loads. Fascinatingly, the horses in the Andes are so similar to the people. They are smaller in stature and more compact, yet have profound musculature. Amazing strength, stamina,sense of balance and agility and incredible lung power...they can carry roughly 200 pounds on steep slopes above 17,000 feet without being overcome by extreme fatigue. Furthermore, it can distinguish between the myriad noxious plants and safe ones found at altitude.

So similar are the many men and women living in the Andes. Incredible how geography has largely created similar physiological traits in humans and animals over centuries. Incredible athletes.