Peru and Bolivia - Ryan Kost

Offerings to Tio

We visited one of the mines in Cerro Rico in Potosi. This mountain changed the entire world. The silver mined here led to the development of global currency. 8 million African slaves and indigenous Bolivians have died in these mines. On Black Friday in the U.S. while everyone is out shopping for deals, this is a striking reminder of where many of the minerals and resources that make our gadgets and technology possible come from. The mine is still in operation and workers spend 12 to 24 hours at a time in these mines with manual rudimentary hand tools without seeing the light of day. This picture captures our offering to the El Tio who is the Lord of the underworld. The tio requests alcohol, coca, cigarettes, llama blood and other goods to ensure the miners safety and prosperity. I urge everyone to think about all the things you buy today and consider the hardship and lives lost to make sure we have our luxuries