Peru and Bolivia - Ryan Kost

Mother's Day

Mothers take a break from working in the fields to drop by the school to watch their children show their appreciate and love for them on Mother's Day in rural Peru. It was truly special and humbling to be invited by the head of the school to enjoy the festivities. I absolutely adore how inviting the Andean culture is and how systems of reciprocity (ayni) and community are paramount. It doesn't matter what class, gender, creed or color you are....they welcome you with open arms and love. In our current political climate here in the US, it is a poignant reminder that we all share this planet together, we all deserved to be loved and being truly human and kind is beautiful. If only some of us had the ability and/or willingness to travel and push our comfort zones, our perspectives would shift, and we would be a lot more tolerant. I am infinitely grateful for what I have been exposed to and am lucky to have a brother and dearest friend in Peru...Yieber