Peru and Bolivia - Ryan Kost

Nature's Hopscotch

Nature's hopscotch. Take it all in stride..until you misstep. First one to sink knee deep into the mud and water loses. Well, I lost...and it wasn't all bad. We all had a good laugh, and were serenaded by the squishy shoe orchestra for the next few hours...oh, and those mesmerizing reason for the blunder. Time in the mountains with good company has always brought out the silliest of games. It's one of my favorite things. Your brain stops stressing and your inner child comes out. Language and cultural differences fade away. You skip rocks, you see who can last longer in a frigid lake, you see who has the best pterodactyl call, you race dried out llama poo down a stream, you scan to be the first one to spot a condor...and you connect...with yourself, the land and others. There really isn't a better feeling!

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