Colorado - Ryan Kost

Timeless Bison

Where The Bison Roam. I've long wanted to capture a Bison photo that spoke to me in a powerful way and embodied the spirit of the animal and poetically played homage to Western heritage. It's hard to think of any mammal that is more symbolic to our country its native people and land. At the time of our country being founded, estimates were upwards of 30 million Bison roaming our lands. Unmitigated hunting and disease dropped these numbers drastically and today numbers hover around 500,000.

I've spent countless hours observing them at all times of day and trying to get the shot I wanted. I've gotten some great shots, but I still never felt they were exactly what I was looking for. Yesterday, I finally got that photo. The one that gave me the chills. The one that spoke to me viscerally and felt timeless. It's in large part why I do photography. Not for popularity but as an a way of expression and cataloging and being inspired by our world. We can freeze a moment of time indelibly. It motivates me to chase that next great poetic moment of these beautiful animals.